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Private Lessons for Shooting


It is a well known fact that everyone performs better with a coach. That is especially true with shooting. Your skills will improve exponentially with a great coach. That is what we offer with the following!

Beginner Lessons:

For Basic Handgun Lessons:    Primarily for the new shooter. Includes safety briefing, handgun operation, loading and unloading, shooting mechanics, fitting handgun to the student's hand, and time shooting on the range. Your personal coach will cover everything A to Z. One-on-one training with your personal coach for a full 90 minutes, range fees, gun rental, and a box of ammo (50 rounds), target, and eye/ear protection all included. Only $169 per person.

For Basic AR-15 Lessons:    For the new AR-15 shooter or new AR-15 owner. Your personal coach covers everything the basic handgun lesson covers but for AR-15 of course. AR-15 rental, ammo (50 rounds), eye/ear protection, target and 90 minutes one-on-one with your coach included in pricing.                   Only $175 per person.

Advanced Lessons:

Advanced Handgun Lesson 101:    Designed for those shooters who would like a refresher lesson and who may not be shooting up to their own expectations. Your personal coach will focus on analytics and diagnostics, regarding your shooting mechanics... stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger pull, breathing, and follow through. Your personal coach will analyse your current shooting mechanics, diagnose any problems and make recommendations with the goal of creating increased shooting proficiency. Lesson does not include ammo or firearm rental. It does include eye/ear protection, range fees, a target, and one-on-one training with your personal coach. 

Only $99 per person.

Advanced Handgun Lesson 102:    Your personal coach will focus on running drills that will more realistically simulate confrontations with an attacker. These drills will be designed to increase adrenaline flow, which has been proven to have a negative effect on vision, hearing, and fine motor skills. You can expect to increase speed and accuracy, develop faster target acquisition, and feel mild stressors. The obvious value of this lesson is it more adequately prepares you for that real life confrontation you hope never happens. This becomes the beginning of real life fine tuning that every shooter who is defensive minded should employ. One hour with your personal coach, target, and eye protection is provided.

Only $99 per person.

Speak with your personal coach regarding additional lessons.

Click          or call 832-595-8415 to schedule a lesson

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