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Options for License to Carry Classes at G2G Family Shooting:

The Regular License to Carry Class:

This class is approximately 5 hours long which is mandated by the State of Texas. It has a shooting qualification component which has the following requirements:
 You will shoot 20 rounds from 3 Yards distance
 You will shoot 20 rounds from 7 Yards distance, and
 You will shoot 10 rounds from 15 Yards distance

THIS CLASS DOES NOT PROVIDE FIREARM INSTRUCTION. You must be proficient with a firearm before you take this class. This class deals only with Texas state law surrounding conceal and open carry of your handgun. This class is $79 per person. Pay by phone, in person, or on line at

If you have no or little experience shooting a handgun than you should probably explore another option. Those other options are listed below.

The Combo License to Carry Class:

This class is approximately 8 to 8 ½ hours in duration. It includes a License to Carry
Class and is directly preceded by a 2-2 ½ hour basic handgun instruction class. This is currently classroom only and is done with a group of people in your like
circumstances. Your day will begin at 8A and you will receive basic handgun
instruction until about 10:30A. At that time your License to Carry class will then begin and continue to about 4:30.


This class is designed to assist those with very light shooting experience. A class like this can help the student pass the shooting qualification portion of the License to Carry class by providing shooting instruction and instilling more confidence in the student.


This class is $149.95 per person. The Combo LTC class has the same shooting requirements as the regular LTC class. Pay by phone, in person or on-line at

This class is probably not appropriate for the student who is very nervous around
guns, has not shot before and is not familiar with a shooting environment. This
student should probably take a one on one private shooting lesson with one of our
instructors. That lesson is described in the next paragraph



Additional Information Regarding The License to Carry Classes:
 Students are required to wear long pants, long sleeved shirts and closed toe shoes.
 Bring a light jacket as it does get pretty cool in the range.
 If you are doing the combo class please feel free to bring a bag lunch or snacks
 What to bring with you to class:
o Handgun .22 caliber or greater or rent gun from G2G
o 50 rounds of ammo. Can be brass, aluminum or steel but
o Your Texas Driver’s License or Texas Identification Card

Students are required to register and pay in advance.

Procedure for Applying for New LTC/CHL License:

 Go to . Click on link to apply for a first time LTC. Complete the application. You can then print the needed forms
 Sign up through the Texas DPS website for fingerprinting. Can do before or after class
 Class, eye/ear protection, target, written test, shooting test all done on site at G2G.
 Send off your CHL-100 to DPS. This is acquired from the instructor after course is done
 Send all paperwork to the state.


All sales are final and there will be no refunds. If you need to reschedule we allow one time rescheduling.


After the first there will be a $30 reschedule fee.


In-Person Combo LTC Class

  • 8 - 8.5 hours

    • 5 hours LTC Class (State of TX mandate)

    • 2.5 hours Basic Handgun Instruction included

  • Shooting Qualification

    • 20 rounds from 3 yards distance​

    • 20 rounds from 7 yards distance

    • 10 rounds from 15 yards distance

  • Led by LTC Instructor at G2G

  • Recommended for individuals with little firearm experience         

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