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License to Carry Handgun

This course is about a 5 to 6 hour course that will provide you the information necessary to acquire your Texas Concealed Handgun license.  There are 4 teaching modules which include the following:  Laws that relate to weapons and to the use of deadly force.  Handgun use and safety.  Non-violent dispute resolution.  Proper storage  practices for handguns.  There is also a handgun proficiency demonstration where the student will have to score 175 of a possible 250 points…. Student will fire 50 rounds.  Lastly, there is a 25 question exam.  It is expected that students will have some proficiency with their handgun.  This course is not for novices.  People new to handguns should take a basics shooting class before enrolling in the CHL class.

Refuse to Be a Victim

This course is designed for those who seek greater awareness to increase their personal safety.  It teaches students how to improve their personal safety strategies, and what techniques and tactics can be used to help avoid becoming easy victims of crime.   A great class for just about anyone, but in particular for women.  No prerequisites to take this course.

First Steps Pistol

Provides quick practical lessons on safety, operation, cleaning and pistol storage.  This is a basic course which teaches the most fundamental shooting skills.  No prerequisites for taking this course.

Basic Personal Protection in The Home

This course is built around self defense in the home.  It can cover mindset, legal issues, decision-making under pressure, and planning for the worse.  This course is designed to provide basic skills and knowledge for one to use his handgun for protection of self and family and also educate regarding a citizen’s rights to self-defense.  Students should be experienced shooters.

Home Firearm Safety

This course will teach rules of safe gun handling, identifying and unloading different firearms, practical exercises in safe gun handling, and types of ammunition and cleaning and storage of firearms.  No prerequisites for taking this course.

Basic Pistol

The purpose is to teach knowledge, skills, and attitudes for owning and using a pistol safely.  You will gain pistol knowledge and safe gun handling.  Ammunition knowledge and basics of pistol shooting.  There will be live fire exercises.  There are no prerequisites for taking this course.


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