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Hunter Safety

G2G Family Shooting is very pleased to announce that we are now providing the Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunter Safety Certification course.  


This class is a 6 hour course with a written test.  


It does cover the “Field” requirement if this course is taken on-line. This class is required for anyone 9 years of age or older. 


The TPW Course fee is $15 and the G2G Range/Classroom fee is $15.00. 


The instructor for this class is Albert Ohliger, #015165.  He may be reached at 281-762-2002 for additional information and future class dates.

Boy Scouts

Through volunteers that are registered Rifle Shooting  Merit Badge Counselors and NRA Range Safety Officers, G2G provides education as well as the facility for the qualification aspects of the Rifle Shooting Merit Badge.   Youth are encouraged to read the merit badge booklet before enrolling. After classroom training of essential safety methods and basic rifle knowledge, the instructor will work with a student to qualify for the merit badge. The class is kept small so the scout can have individual attention where possible.  Adults are encouraged to stay to meet Youth Protection requirements.  The student will have to provide their own ammunition (Available for purchase at G2G) but does NOT have to have his own rifle.  Other costs are set by the management of G2G Family Range.  The class is offered on an intermittent basis based on demand.

bs merit badge.jpg

Boy Scout Rifle Shooting Merit Badge

Contact instructor Al Ohliger

at 281-762-2002 for class times and tuition.

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