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Mission Statement

The G2G Family Shooting Range has been built for individuals and families to provide a unique experience for fellowship and community in a safe and enjoyable environment in which to improve shooting skills. Our mission is to bring families together under God’s protective umbrella of love and protection for these purposes.  

About the Founders

We are Roy and Sharon and we are the owners of G2G. What an unlikely couple to start a new shooting range. As a little boy my dad would never let me near a firearm. About eight years ago it was suggested that we take firearms instruction. It made good sense since the world has become a more dangerous place.   


We were trained at a place in Brookshire… about an hour from our home. After training, we were told to go practice. The problem was the incredible scarcity of venues to practice. That’s when we first thought, “Someone ought to build a shooting range out this way”. Little did we know that those people would be Sharon and I.  


We saw that the NRA was holding a 4 day seminar for people who wanted to start a new shooting range.  I thought it would be fun but I don’t know how serious we were at that point.   So, off we went to Fairfax, Virginia….NRA headquarters…. We left with more questions than answers.


At that point it became something more fun to think about than actually do.….. We debated between indoor and outdoor ranges. Each had its pros and cons. But reality was that we did not have the skill sets to build a range and it also looked like it was totally out of reach financially.  

Things turned around when we met a new gun range owner in Alvin.  Terrific guy by the name of Eric Kinnear. Our friendship grew and he offered to act as the general contractor for our new range. He built his own and we knew he could do it for us and for much less than we ever thought. We jumped all over his offer.  


We completed our business plan and we were able to find a “friendly bank” for our business loan.  They immediately saw that a gun range on the south 59 corridor was a winner and our paperwork was approved.  


At the same time, we were looking for a venue for our range…. We were blessed in finding an excellent realtor who found us just the right building.  Fifteen thousand square feet,  large parking lot, great visibility from Highway 59, and a very central location.  


Everything was falling in place. This is what we believe. We asked for the blessings of God and he put just the right people in our lives who helped us accomplish our objectives. Not that we don’t have things come up which present difficulties….we do.  We just have to remember that we have very little to do with this success…. We just follow God’s direction and he seems to do everything else.


It has been a wonderful journey and we have met some really terrific people which, quite frankly, has given us new hope in the future of America. We hope you will visit us…. We will do everything we can to make you feel very welcome. We can’t wait to see you walk through our front doors. We are waiting to say hello and shake your hand.


Roy and Sharon 




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